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ou may not realise that just outside the centre of London there are such places as Greenwich Maritime Museum, the Cutty Sark (last of the great tea clippers), the Gardens of the Rose or Luton Hoo.

We can put together a tailor-made tour to suit your requirements.   Whether you require a full or a half day in London, a fortnight to tour the English countryside, a trip to York, a tour of  the haunts and routes of smugglers or go whisky tasting in Scotland and end in the Mull of Kintyre

Please go to our booking page and fill in the special request form with as many details as you have.  we will then plan an itinerary for your visit for you and your fellow travellers.  

All vehicles are available and for a really special trip we can quote on a Rolls Royce Silver Spur.

 Here is a list of recommended and favourite trips:

London by day or night
Windsor and or Hampton court
Bath/Stonehenge and
Chartwell House
Luton Hoo and Chiswell Green Rose Centre
or Dover castle and Faversham
Smugglers and owlers routes through southern
Specific shopping trips
Antique fairs and car boot visits




he vast majority of all holidays and business trips start at one of the terminals which brings you, the passenger into the united kingdom.

 We will meet you after you have collected your luggage and have exited immigration and entered into the terminal.

 Simply look for the hchire sign with your name/ company name on it.  If you are delayed for any reason or there are any problems please telephone 0044 (0)20 8904 0439 (24 hours) so we can lease with our driver.

 We work a two tier system to take into account the time taken to exit customs halls at airports.

 1. With intercontinental flights you can expect to see your driver about 1hour after landing.   We can meet you at an agreed time at the airport information desk.  This reduces the cost of the transfer due to minimal waiting time.

 2. On the other hand we can be in the customs hall at an agreed time after the flight has landed.   Flights that originate from European airports take about 30 minutes to exit the customs hall.



t all ports disembarkations are at preset times we will meet you at your allotted time.  Please look for the hchire board with your name/company name on it.



or Eurostar and all trains we will meet you in the station foyer or at a pre-arranged place.  Please look for the hchire board with your name/company name on it.


VIP holiday travel